Dialogue: How to use this page

This application is intended to help those who are working together in a group, community or network. It is aimed mainly at tertiary level students but can be used by anyone who finds it appropriate. It contains sets of open questions to help you to learn through inquiry. The Critical talk questions help to develop critical thinking. The Creative talk questions help to extend creative thinking. The Community talk questions are the most important as they help to create a climate which allows the other kinds of talk to flourish.

Once you have launched the application, decide which area of dialogue you want to focus on and click on it. Choose one of the options which appear and click on that to see the questions you can ask to develop your thinking in that direction. Use as many or as few questions as you need to help your dialogue to flow and adapt them if you need to to suit your own situation.

This app uses HTML5 canvas and works in most up to date browsers except IE (best in Chrome).

Launch the application